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Sami’s garage or if put more nicely: workshop.

Frame and front axle found each other

Yesterday I centered the frame and front axle:


Plenty of measurements + small tweaking needed, but now it aligns rather nicely.

Today I welded the front axle rear mount properly in place and created vertical load (weight) carrying pieces to make the front axle mount stronger:

IMG_20150322_120459One piece to front/rear mount of the front axle (so they are not at their correct place at the picture).

Next task is to create the engine mount:

IMG_20150322_133930And after that continue frame building to create front mount extension to the frame. But this project starts to take shape quite nicely now. 🙂



Winter break over and build continues

It was somewhat longer hiatus than I originally planned. There has been multiple reasons for it, like the fact that I only have one not so powerful electric heater at my garage. So it is not that tempting to do work at winter. I have also done some programming for our local bowling alley to build a live scoring system for them.

But today I started properly to create the frame parts:


During the hiatus I did some thinking how I actually want to build the frame and now I’m just building the parts according the plan.

Short hiatus

I have been really busy last couple of weeks at work and also with other of my hobbies than this tractor building. Even I will have the next two weeks off from work due the X-mas season I probably won’t be able to work at garage too many days. I need to be doing some computer related things to couple of my friends and also installing new live streaming equipment to Imatra Bowling Center. I also might be doing one rather small PHP program related to my work, but that remains to be seen.

However my intention is to spend some time also at garage before I return to the daily work schedule, but don’t expect to see too much progress at next two weeks.