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Long silence…

Has hopefully ended, but we shall see. 😉 I have been posting my projects only to Facebook for some time, so there is some actual proof that I have not just been idling, but unfortunately those are available only to my FB friends.

Reason for this silence is that it was too much work to shrink the images to smaller size and then post those to my blog. And to mitigate this I will try now Instagram where I’m posting my updates. Instagram feed has been integrated to WordPress and you can find this from top navigation bar “Instagram Feed” link. Also I will keep my Instagram feed totally public, so you all can see what I’m posting there.

I have been working with various projects at my garage, but still not much progress with for example my DIY tractor project, which is on hiatus at the moment due other interesting things to be done. Currently I’m taking one Ford Galaxy with DOHC 2.3i 16v engine to pieces with intention to fit Sierra 4×4 oil sump + auxilary systems to it. I will be testing it at DIY test stand with the intention to do emission test before installing the ready package to my Sierra to be sure that it will also be legal. Test stand will not be anythin fancy, just a frame with wheels that can carry engine, gasoline tank, electorinics, etc. needed for engine to run. The actual installation of ready engine to my Sierra will most likely take some time, since it currently has well working 2.0i 8v DOHC engine to which I changed head gasget at the summer. But at least I have the spare engine + gearbox package ready to be bolted on when needed, or when I want to get couple of more horse powers (that might happen sooner than I initally plan if things get tempting 😀 )

But enough for now, let’s see how this Instagram thingy works and will it be easy enough so I will use it. So go and see it! 🙂

Ligths now mostly installed

Most of the lights are now installed and working from the swithces:


Tomorrow I will concentrate to my colleague’s BMW, that propably takes couple of days.

But the next task I will do with the camping trailer is to build a new wall to the closet. The old one was not looking that good and the new one will be created with a bit stronger material. That wall will also carry the sound system main unit, voltage meter, clock and thermo meter. It is easier to do holes for those while the wall is still outside of the camping trailer.

Most probably I will not install the toilet light just now since I decided to change the roof panels for it first. There is a roof window which had leaked and therefore the current panels are needing to be replaced. But that might go to the next summer since there are couple of other construction tasks waiting.

Overall I’m rather satisfied with the progress of the camping trailer so far, even it always takes plenty of time to work with this thing.