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Things related to this website.

Some old content added back

I have imported a couple of photo albums from Facebook to my site with “Facebook Photo Fetcher” plugin. Unfortunately it only links the images from Facebook, but they seem to be still available without Facebook login. In case Facebook someday changes the way it gives photos out I need to rethink this solution, but currently this is good enough.

I also added a couple of old pages from the old SIPPONEN.COM system as blog posts to this new one.

Integrations Ready

Seems that about all the features are working which I wanted to get to SIPPONEN.COM:

  • Blog with many publishing features
  • Photo gallery
  • Temperature measurements more or less nicely incorporated to WordPress page template. A bit quick & dirty solution, but good enough. 🙂
  • Facebook integration – blog posts will be automatically published to my Facebook wall without any extra steps
  • Social media integration for easy sharing and commenting
  • Rather nice Android application to publish new content

There still are some things I will try to improve at the future, but now I declare this as a “production ready” web site. If I have enough time & motivation I will try to re-post some content currently in Facebook photo galleries to my new blog, but that remains to be seen.

Biggest challenge was to find from a zillions of different plugins the ones that fit to my purposes and also are trustworthy. I also needed to familiarize myself to WordPress, but from installing point of view this has been very easy process. Currently I only have 3 plugins: Akismet, Eazyest Gallery and JetPack.

SIPPONEN.COM is under upgrade

I have installed WordPress to power my SIPPONEN.COM web site. This is mainly because my old homemade web publishing engine starts to be so old that it is not able to meet all today’s needs. And since I’m not willing to consume my time to rewrite it I have decided to use some open source tool instead.

This site is still rather incomplete and hopefully I have time & motivation to get it properly running some near future.