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Sami’s garage or if put more nicely: workshop.

BMW tune up 2015 completed

Well, it’s now ready:



Today’s activities were:

  • Oil change
  • New side indicator lights
  • Gear selector light, red led
  • New rear register plate lights (led)
  • Fixing roof window seal with Sikaflex 521UV
  • Some final paint job
  • Voltage meter back-light changed to red led
  • Trunk  upholstery reassembled
  • Right front fender molding found from local scrapyard and installed (it was missing earlier)
  • Alternator/water-pump belt and power steering belt tightened

What this car really needs are two set of alloys, since those normal rims are really ugly.  But that probably will be taken care of…

Tomorrow I will vacuum clean the interior quickly and then return to work with the camping trailer.

New front brake pads to BWM

Maybe it was already the time to change those?


I have never before seen as tight fit for the new brake pads to brake caliber like this BMW had… If the pads would have been 0,5mm thicker they would not be possible to install. Before starting to install the new pads I cleaned all the surfaces from the caliber and the slider where the pads are touching with a file to avoid stiction (+polished and greased sliding tenons). They really needed to squeeze together until the outer pad slipped in to it’s place (almost uncomfortable much). But I guess that’s value for the money since there is now absolutely the maximum amount of wearing surface available.

Tasks for tomorrow:

  • Oil change
  • New side indicator lights
  • Gear selector light (I might also change the voltage meter light to LED)
  • New rear register plate lights
  • Fixing roof window seal with Sikaflex 521UV
  • Some final paint job

Friday I will assemble the trunk upholstery back and that’s it, BWM tune up for this summer is ready.

One thing I forgot to mention is that I installed modern Volvo windshield washing fluid nozzles to replace BMW original ones. I used the original ones adapter to fit the new ones by grinding them flat first and then carving proper hole for Volvo nozzes (which are slightly smaller). Reason for this change was that Volvo nozzles spray the water really nicely (only if you use original Volvo nozzles, the aftermarket ones will not work). The original BWM nozzles just peed the fluid with four pointy spouts and that’s pretty old fashion and lame way which does also cause extensive wear of the glass because the wipers are grinding it partly dry.

Camping trailer electricial upgrades

Well… My intention was to only do some small upgrades to the electrical system of the camping trailer, but after studying a bit how the electricals were made 1980 I decided to remove everything and build the whole system from scratch.

230VAC system is now almost ready, only grounding electrode spike is still missing. Doing that might be a bit overkill, but better to be safe than sorry.

12VDC system buildup is currently in progress and most of the work for that is doing new interior lights with led lights. I managed to get some leftover led lights from with very reasonable price, so even those meant some customization before installations it was worth to use those.

For example here is how I converted old fluorescent tube lights to “modern” led lights:

IMG_20150709_201930It takes  plenty of time to install the new lights… Seems that day goes very fast and only couple of new lights are installed. And still all the switches for those + main fuse box installation is pending for 12VDC system.

After the lights I will install the new audio system, clock and thermometer  so plenty of time is still needed for the camping trailer before continuing with the tractor. Also tomorrow my colleague will bring his BMW to my garage for some welding + other tune up… So at next week I also need to reserve some time for that also. Not even to mention that the final assembly of main and back door to my parents house is also still at the task list…

So I don’t have any issues how I spend my vacation, but at least it is fun to do some real work sometime. 😉


Plenty of things to do…

I have not been able to work lately with the tractor project due work related travels, hobby related travels, spring time garden works, dad’s Volvo needed maintenance and plenty of other things… But today I tag welded these upwards heading beams:

IMG_20150531_151211Next weekend I will not be able to work with this project since we have yearly bowling team event at one summer cottage. At least one weekend will also go with building new outer doors to my parents house. So the progress will be somewhat slow still with the tractor project during June, but hopefully during July I have more time for it.