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FIRSTLY: Welcome! Please take a look of the navigation bar above this text area to find the actual content of these pages. Most of the updates will be at Instagram Feed page, but you can also check the Blog Posts page. I’m writing about things that I do or find interesting. Usually those are related to Information Technology or building up or repairing something.

SECONDLY the Disclaimer: This is not any kind of an actual company or other kind of commercial service. This is just Sami Sipponen’s personal home page which main content is my blog and perhaps my Instagram feed. Related to these physical twiddling hobbies, I call my small workshop as “Chop Shop Sipponen”, since I just like to name this kind of things. So don’t try to book your car maintenance from here. And don’t try to do anything that I have described here if you don’t really know what you are doing! I will not take any kind of responsibility in case you cause harm to somebody’s property, yourself or anyone else by trying to repeat what I have documented here.

THIRDLY the Necessities:  Every homepage should have  links to the social media, so here they are: