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Camping trailer electricial upgrades

Well… My intention was to only do some small upgrades to the electrical system of the camping trailer, but after studying a bit how the electricals were made 1980 I decided to remove everything and build the whole system from scratch.

230VAC system is now almost ready, only grounding electrode spike is still missing. Doing that might be a bit overkill, but better to be safe than sorry.

12VDC system buildup is currently in progress and most of the work for that is doing new interior lights with led lights. I managed to get some leftover led lights from with very reasonable price, so even those meant some customization before installations it was worth to use those.

For example here is how I converted old fluorescent tube lights to “modern” led lights:

IMG_20150709_201930It takes  plenty of time to install the new lights… Seems that day goes very fast and only couple of new lights are installed. And still all the switches for those + main fuse box installation is pending for 12VDC system.

After the lights I will install the new audio system, clock and thermometer  so plenty of time is still needed for the camping trailer before continuing with the tractor. Also tomorrow my colleague will bring his BMW to my garage for some welding + other tune up… So at next week I also need to reserve some time for that also. Not even to mention that the final assembly of main and back door to my parents house is also still at the task list…

So I don’t have any issues how I spend my vacation, but at least it is fun to do some real work sometime. 😉


Seats are inside

I have been working on the camping trailer project almost every evening a short while, but have not taken any pictures about the progress. So here are a couple of not so good photos showing the current state with seats back inside:



Today I removed roof windows and mounted them back with proper sealing. Originally they were sealed with Blu Tack which hardens during the time or just melts/washes away somehow.  Now I used Sikaflex 521 UV, which is UV resistant and really strong stuff, so I expect it to last almost forever. 🙂

Camping trailer starts at least to look more ready

Maybe not ready yet, but definitely getting there:

20140610_191437Those marks left by tape I will leave as they are for now. I will apply one layer of clear coat on the top of those and that’s it. It will be good enough solution. Let’s see if those bother me at the future or not, but since this is not a new or totally rebuilt camping trailer it don’t need to be perfect and some marks from the past can and will be there.

I will still apply some polyurethane foam spray to seal up certain things. Also window seals need to be improved a bit with some proper UV resistant mounting glue. The same glue I probably will apply to the outside corner seals since they tend to be leaky at some cases.

But hopefully soon I can start mounting seats and tables back like they were before. Other improvements to the audio system (and possible also video) I will make when other normal things are in. Same applies also to improving the electrical system in general.

Here is one picture of the front wall situation at the moment since I added this small piece of wood which will connect the side seats to the front wall:

20140610_191449This front wall backrest area I will apply the second layer of clear coat some near future.



Couple hours with the camping trailer project

I managed to squeeze a couple hours of quality time with the camping trailer project. That was enough to install the surface panel to the rear wall:

20140609_200825I also drilled rear light cable holes and mount holes + thread cables through their holes.

Next time I can install the heater block and the back panel that holds the table’s rear end.


Beefing up continues

I was working more than two hours today with the trailer at the evening, but not that much visible progress unfortunately.  It is very slow to work with this light structures when you need to carefully dismantle parts and as carefully put them back together.

But I managed to reinforce the down left corner of the rear wall which some earlier owner had crashed and fixed a bit hastily.


The rear light mounts will get aluminium plates which will level out the rest of the bumps. And some time later I will paint at least the lower section of the camping trailer, since it could be a good idea to leave top part of it still white.



Lower wooden beam is also now mounted. Probably I will add some wooden parts below the aluminium beam to provide additional support for the backrest which also works as support for the rear table. Hopefully I’m soon able to start installing the insulation…