Ligths now mostly installed

Most of the lights are now installed and working from the swithces:


Tomorrow I will concentrate to my colleague’s BMW, that propably takes couple of days.

But the next task I will do with the camping trailer is to build a new wall to the closet. The old one was not looking that good and the new one will be created with a bit stronger material. That wall will also carry the sound system main unit, voltage meter, clock and thermo meter. It is easier to do holes for those while the wall is still outside of the camping trailer.

Most probably I will not install the toilet light just now since I decided to change the roof panels for it first. There is a roof window which had leaked and therefore the current panels are needing to be replaced. But that might go to the next summer since there are couple of other construction tasks waiting.

Overall I’m rather satisfied with the progress of the camping trailer so far, even it always takes plenty of time to work with this thing.

Camping trailer electricial upgrades

Well… My intention was to only do some small upgrades to the electrical system of the camping trailer, but after studying a bit how the electricals were made 1980 I decided to remove everything and build the whole system from scratch.

230VAC system is now almost ready, only grounding electrode spike is still missing. Doing that might be a bit overkill, but better to be safe than sorry.

12VDC system buildup is currently in progress and most of the work for that is doing new interior lights with led lights. I managed to get some leftover led lights from with very reasonable price, so even those meant some customization before installations it was worth to use those.

For example here is how I converted old fluorescent tube lights to “modern” led lights:

IMG_20150709_201930It takes  plenty of time to install the new lights… Seems that day goes very fast and only couple of new lights are installed. And still all the switches for those + main fuse box installation is pending for 12VDC system.

After the lights I will install the new audio system, clock and thermometer  so plenty of time is still needed for the camping trailer before continuing with the tractor. Also tomorrow my colleague will bring his BMW to my garage for some welding + other tune up… So at next week I also need to reserve some time for that also. Not even to mention that the final assembly of main and back door to my parents house is also still at the task list…

So I don’t have any issues how I spend my vacation, but at least it is fun to do some real work sometime. 😉


Plenty of things to do…

I have not been able to work lately with the tractor project due work related travels, hobby related travels, spring time garden works, dad’s Volvo needed maintenance and plenty of other things… But today I tag welded these upwards heading beams:

IMG_20150531_151211Next weekend I will not be able to work with this project since we have yearly bowling team event at one summer cottage. At least one weekend will also go with building new outer doors to my parents house. So the progress will be somewhat slow still with the tractor project during June, but hopefully during July I have more time for it.


Engine rear lift hook ready

This I managed to produce today:


And here you can see it bolted to its place:


I also lifted the front high enough to check the front axle movement and it looks to work perfectly as planned. All clearances are just correctly sized.

Now there will be one week hiatus because I need to make a work related trip to India. Since I have been working at weekends it is likely the next project update comes at first weekend of May.

Next I will continue the frame building so that the front mount of the front axle will get some support. Seems that steering axle will need some thinking how it can be implemented, but that I will worry later since there will be enough space for that also.

Engine sits now on it’s mounts

This afternoon I had some time to work at garage. First I changed summer tires to my Sierra and slightly adjusted front mudflaps to make enough room for bigger tires to be able to turn when steering. Second task was to change oils + filters to my Sierra and my dad’s Volvo S40 T4.

After those tasks were done I still had some time to spare so I finalized engine rear right mount for my DIY tractor project:

IMG_20150416_164600Later there will be added gear shifter 90 degree mechanism under that bush so I will not be adding any further stiffeners until I see how that will align.

Next task is to create a new engine rear lift hook so it is nicer to lift the engine back and forth as the project progresses. Also those other two engine mounts (front and rear left) needs to be welded properly after I have verified the front axle is able to float as planned.

So maybe the next tasks will not be that visible… But after those I will continue the frame building so that it will be extended to the front of the front axle, which is then once again a bit more visible progress.


Engine rear right mount almost ready

Today I worked some hours at garage and this is what I managed to produce:

IMG_20150412_172347It still needs 3 riser washers and then it is ready. Or maybe I still add some stiffeners also, but let’s see…

I also welded the support arm to the frame:

IMG_20150412_172429I might finalize this mount buildup at some evening before the next weekend, but let’s see…