Short hiatus

I have been really busy last couple of weeks at work and also with other of my hobbies than this tractor building. Even I will have the next two weeks off from work due the X-mas season I probably won’t be able to work at garage too many days. I need to be doing some computer related things to couple of my friends and also installing new live streaming equipment to Imatra Bowling Center. I also might be doing one rather small PHP program related to my work, but that remains to be seen.

However my intention is to spend some time also at garage before I return to the daily work schedule, but don’t expect to see too much progress at next two weeks.

Making sure the frame design works

Today I spent a couple of hours at garage, but the only visible progress is this:


Those beams are only tagged to their place and seems I need slightly adjust the left one (right in this photo).

It takes plenty of time to get the measurements to acceptable level until doing any changes and then measuring yet again… But I want to make this properly and working with this complex shapes take time.

Frame build has started

Some quick & dirty modeling after todays exercises:


But seems that this beast will be looking rather badass soon. 🙂

Todays efforts were cutting the rear axle of Ford Ka so that I got the wheel bearing mounts out. Then some planning and I was able to start cutting some steel beams + prepared parts for welding. Hopefully this progress continues for tomorrow also.

Tie-rod welds finished

Even I planned to continue the work at weekend I wasn’t able to do so due other things & events. But today I managed to spend a couple of hours at garage and finalized the tie-rod welds:

IMG_20141201_193736 And I also bolted some pieces back:

IMG_20141201_203135The next task is to modify right side (left at this picture) tie-rod mount bracket since it does not fit. The other one needed only small bending, but this one needs to be cut and welded together with slightly different angle to make room for the steering axle and tie-rod oil pipes. Shouldn’t take long to modify that, but let’s see when I can have some time at garage…