Small drawback…

Yesterday evening I started to think the steering a bit deeper… And I started to think that probably the steering is reversed at my current construction. Needless to say that I was correct. There were at least two options how to fix the situation, either to add one set of gears to the steering or swap the tie-rod 180 degrees. Both fixes would need some amount of work, but I decided to rotate the tie-rod:


So I needed to take the front-axle once again to pieces and grind the tie-rod mount points away…  Now when the rie-rod is rotated those mount points need to be installed to a different angle + they need to be slightly modified. But this solution will be beneficial since at right side there is much more room than left side.

So no frame construction today nor at next session when I have time for that… But that does not matter since the end result is more important than the date when this is ready. Next task is to fit the tie-rod mount points once again. Hopefully this time permanently. 🙂

Front-axle ready for frame construction

This week has been too busy with some other activities and I have not been able to spend as much time at garage as I would like to. However I managed today to spend some hours and now the project is looking like this:


I started with diff upper mount bolt hole + threws and then continued to floating system bearing assembly. After that I took the front axle parts and finalized all the welds that were still pending. When assembling it back together I also added wheels so I can really make sure how everything will align.

Hopefully tomorrow I can start building the frame, but I still need to do couple of checks to finalize my plans.

Update 12.11.2014 23:10 EET: I just started to think that probably the steering is currently reversed… Since Ford Ka has tie-rod behind the axle center line and now I have it on the front of that. But actually this could be a really good thing since it can be solved by rotating the tie-rod 180 degrees and there is much more space at the right side for the steering axle than there is at the left side. But clearly this is now something I need to consider and see is it causing any other issues or not… Another way to solve this issue is to use a direction changer gears, but I try to avoid that.

Front axle 90% ready

The long lasting build of the front axle is now at least 90% ready:


I will still do some minor things like adding upper corner bolt to the diff mount before moving to the frame build. Also some welds needs to be finalized, but maybe during the next weekend I really can start building the frame.

After the frame starts to take shape I can finalize the front axle build to make sure there is enough clearances for the floating system to operate.

Working with tie-rod mounts

I started preparing the tie-rod mounts:


IMG_20141106_202613Only some minor tweaking with tie-rod mounts and I can weld them to their place. It will be a very tight fit since the diff need to be able to be taken out, but it will fit there.

Once the tie-rod is in it’s place I can make the final piece to the front axle before moving to the tractor frame itself. Front axle work will continue after the first pieces of the frame has been made.


Next the front floating mount

This is how it looks currently:


I almost might call this as a piece of art, but it’s not even ready yet. 😉

But the back side of the front axle is now ready and next task will be to create the front mount for the floating mechanism. This front mount needs to be boltable or otherwise it would not be possible to take the diff out if/when it needs maintenance.

I probably also weld the mounts for the tie-rod before moving on to build the actual frame for the tractor. After the frame front section has been built I will add couple of stiffeners to the wheel mounts. I have already a plan for the stiffeners, but I don’t want to add them now to make sure there will be enough clearance for the movement of the front axle.