Final planning (hopefully) of the front axle build

Today I used some time to collect all the pieces coming to the front axle I currently have and started the final planning how I will build the rest of the frame/support structures around them:





Seems that there will not we too much space around the diff/floating_mechanism/tie_rod/steering_axle… But also seems that there is enough space for all of them. Floating mechanism front bearing mounts need to be fully bolt mounted since the diff needs to escape towards front when it needs maintenance. This also means I probably need slightly adjust it’s middle mount since now it needs to be lifted couple of centimeters before it can escape towards the front, but luckily this is not that hard modification to do.

At least I now believe I know how to continue and to what things I need to worry/consider when putting all the things together.

Here is also a short video around the project:

Welding the middle parts

At Sunday I welded front diff middle mount parts to the axle frame:IMG_20141019_150311_1920x1440
Once again generally a rather simple task, but since this will finally fix the diff to it’s place everything needs to be just right.  After this it is impossible to adjust how the diff aligns without cutting it pieces once again, so all the possible measurements need to be done and parts adjusted based on those over and over again…

And then I reassembled it once again:IMG_20141019_155848_1920x1440Next task is to figure out how to continue this build since there are now many parts that need to fit to this puzzle like tie rod, steering axle, front axle floating mechanism and the “main” frame of the tractor itself. This will take time… But I’d rather take the time for planning if I can avoid building some parts multiple times because one is blocking an another.

SIPPONEN.COM has moved!

I have physically moved the SIPPONEN.COM to a new service provider. Virtually it is still at the same location as it has been, meaning the address

My earlier service provider Nebula was really good and stable, but after I quickly made a benchmark about the prices it became clear to me that I’m paying too much. With my new service provider Domainmaailma the cost level is one third and as a really nice bonus they use cPanel which means I can configure by myself pretty much what I want to related to my web hotel services. Also adjusting capacities like disk space, network transfer quotas, number of email boxes, databases etc. is really simple and real-time change. This kind of things of course affect to the price of the service, but it is rather “affordable” and scaling is possible up and downwards without any notification periods. This I would call as a cloud service. 🙂

So far it seems that I have found good+cheap+fancy SP for my site. As everybody knows this kind of equation usually “does not compute”, but let’s see. So far so good and since I’m quite DIY type of a person who knows if this really is the perfect service for me. 🙂

At the same time I needed to change my domain registrar from Joker to Enom (to get all the benefits hanging at this SP transition) and seems that this change has now been replicated pretty much all over the globe. Also it seems that there were not any kind of downtime for my site while committing the transition, so this really seems to be too good of being true.

Front axle lower diff mount welded

I managed to squeeze once again a short while to work at garage. Today’s effort was to weld the lower diff mount to the axle lower beam:


Even it sounds quite quick task it takes some time to get is just correct place and make sure the diff will align properly. Also dismantling the wheel mounts from the axle frame takes some time and after welding assembling it back together:

IMG_20141013_203041Next I will create diff center mounts and perhaps after that comes the floating mechanism. The upper beams of the front axle can only be created after the floating mechanism and front piece of the tractor chassis frame are ready to make sure there will be enough room for the axle to float properly.