Front CV joints washed

I managed to squeeze enough time to wash the front CV joints today:

IMG_20140916_203019Next task is to fit those 4×4 Sierra outer front CV joints to Sierra 1.6 CVH rear drive shafts. Only very minor modification needed to make CV joint lock rings to hold on these drive shafts.

On the table there also is one additional CV joint which is from Ford Ka and will serve its purpose in part of the front cardan axle. So basically all the front power-train parts for my tractor are now on the table.


Preparing front drive shaft build

First I disassembled the second Sierra 1.6 rear drive shaft to half way like I did with the first one earlier. Before assembling it back I need to change CV joint boots to the inner joints.

But even I can start the assembly process with the new drive shaft/CV joint configuration I need to wash the parts:

IMG_20140915_201821As you can see I have even vacuumed the table since there was plenty of metal shrapnel from the previous exercises. I poured some diesel fuel to those CV joints since I hope it will dissolve the grease a little bit. The real washing will be the next task when I’m able to continue, let’s see how soon that happens…



Upper ball joint mounts welded to rectangular frames

Today I needed to do some winter preparations at garage like clean roof waterducts etc… So not that much progress with the front axle.

However I managed to weld the upper ball join mounts:



Hopefully tomorrow I have the lower balljoint mounts welded + stiffeners added. Lower mount probably will not need any stiffeners due a bit different installation angle and welding possibilities.

Some progress with the front axle rectangular frames

At least I was able to grind the last one which I welded yesterday + drilled mounting holes:

20140910_201915Current holes and bolts are 12mm, but I most probably “upgrade” them to 14mm. I also planned to weld small pieces of L-rod for additional weight carrying to the short sides. Once again maybe I’m over-engineering this, but at least it should be then strong…

Next task is to weld these to the ball joint upper mounts and decide what kind of stiffeners they will still need. Tie-rod  will also need some more clearance so I need to cut small pieces away from the long sides.


Front axle rectangular frames welded

Yesterday wen’t with other things so I weren’t able to work at garage. Also today I arrived a bit later than originally planned, but at least the frames are now welded:


As you can see the last one is not grinded yet since it got too dark outside and I did not bother to set up lights there. I try always do grinding outside if possible since I don’t like cleaning/vacuuming that much.

Hopefully I’m able to work with this at least one evening before the weekend, but that remains to be seen…

Here is one photo how I used the first frame as a jig to ease the welding of the others:

imageAfter welding those horizontal seams I grinded the vertical seams fully open and welded those. So the end result should now be 100% welded seams without any unwelded sections inside.


Flanges arrived

Lathe guy brought me some goodies:

20140903_204458So now I have flanges for diffs. At weekend I will take a closer look of the front diff flange does it still need to made thinner or is it good like it is now. It now is a bit more than 45mm thick, so it’s also a bit heavy even that should not matter too much at this project. I have the feeling it cannot be made any thinner without also trimming the wheel hub nut thread (cardan axle) and diff axle hub nut thread shorter. And it might be that I don’t want to trim those.