“New” rear diff

I decided to use another rear diff than I originally had planned. This which I’m now going to use has a better LSD and probably it should work as expected. Basically this meant that I needed to dismantle and wash another set of drive shafts and CV joints. But that is now done:

IMG_20140927_151625Good thing was that these drive shaft boots were rather good shape and I can now use them to my tractor project. I also optimized CV-joints so that now all little bit worn CV-joints will be used with tractor project and A-class spares are waiting when they are needed with my Sierra.

I will refurbish the diff now left unused some time later when this tractor project is completed.


Dismantling the rear drive-shafts

Like I earlier planned, today I took the rear drive-shafts to pieces since they need to be washed, re-greased and assembled back together with new boots:

IMG_20140922_204945Only one boot can be reused since that has been changed lately, others need to be replaced with new ones.

I also started to play with the idea about repairing the rear diff LSD (limited slip differential) sooner than I originally planned. My original plan was to use this diff as it is now and repair the LSD some time later, but now I’m not so sure about that… Basically the LSD is viscous coupling unit and the reason why it “breaks” is that the seals of it start to leak. When they leak the silicone oils and diff oils get mixed and after that the LSD is not able to do its job anymore. But let’s see do I repair it now or later… I guess the initial plan was because it takes some time to fix it, but since the tractor will not be ready for this winter, maybe it makes sense to do it now.


Power-train assembly

Today I was able to test that all the power-train parts are fitting to each other and started to plan the front axle frame structure + floating mechanism:




IMG_20140921_160837The next thing to do is to wash those rear drive shaft outer CV joints before continuing with the front axle. Since I have all the things still set for washing parts… Those outer joints need to be washed since the boots have been broken some time ago and there probably is some amount of dirt inside since the joints are bit worn already. But hopefully they still are good enough parts for this project.


Some visible progress with the front axle assembly

Now front drive shafts have been joined together with their bearings, wheel hubs, etc.:


IMG_20140918_202153Tomorrow I will not work at garage if the history repeats itself, but during the weekend I will work with front cardan axle at least. Probably I will also do some preparations for the rear drive shafts and rear cardan axle even they are not needed anywhere soon, but it kind of makes sense to do those also now.


Front drive shafts in one piece

Today I modified the front drive shafts slightly (from rear of Sierra 1.6 CVH originally) so the outer CV joints (from 4×4 Sierra front) will lock properly to them. Also inner CV joint boots are changed, but the joints itself are untouched:

IMG_20140917_193910At the photo you also can see the shorter drive shaft from Ford Ka which serves as front cardan axle. The flange at the right end needs still holes and threads for its fastening bolts.

Probably next I will mount the front drive shafts, bearings, wheel hub and wheel mounts together. And if I have time I will drill the holes to both flanges which are needed to join Sierra and Ka parts together (front & rear).