Engine sits now on it’s mounts

This afternoon I had some time to work at garage. First I changed summer tires to my Sierra and slightly adjusted front mudflaps to make enough room for bigger tires to be able to turn when steering. Second task was to change oils + filters to my Sierra and my dad’s Volvo S40 T4.

After those tasks were done I still had some time to spare so I finalized engine rear right mount for my DIY tractor project:

IMG_20150416_164600Later there will be added gear shifter 90 degree mechanism under that bush so I will not be adding any further stiffeners until I see how that will align.

Next task is to create a new engine rear lift hook so it is nicer to lift the engine back and forth as the project progresses. Also those other two engine mounts (front and rear left) needs to be welded properly after I have verified the front axle is able to float as planned.

So maybe the next tasks will not be that visible… But after those I will continue the frame building so that it will be extended to the front of the front axle, which is then once again a bit more visible progress.