Front-axle ready for frame construction

This week has been too busy with some other activities and I have not been able to spend as much time at garage as I would like to. However I managed today to spend some hours and now the project is looking like this:


I started with diff upper mount bolt hole + threws and then continued to floating system bearing assembly. After that I took the front axle parts and finalized all the welds that were still pending. When assembling it back together I also added wheels so I can really make sure how everything will align.

Hopefully tomorrow I can start building the frame, but I still need to do couple of checks to finalize my plans.

Update 12.11.2014 23:10 EET: I just started to think that probably the steering is currently reversed… Since Ford Ka has tie-rod behind the axle center line and now I have it on the front of that. But actually this could be a really good thing since it can be solved by rotating the tie-rod 180 degrees and there is much more space at the right side for the steering axle than there is at the left side. But clearly this is now something I need to consider and see is it causing any other issues or not… Another way to solve this issue is to use a direction changer gears, but I try to avoid that.