Final planning (hopefully) of the front axle build

Today I used some time to collect all the pieces coming to the front axle I currently have and started the final planning how I will build the rest of the frame/support structures around them:





Seems that there will not we too much space around the diff/floating_mechanism/tie_rod/steering_axle… But also seems that there is enough space for all of them. Floating mechanism front bearing mounts need to be fully bolt mounted since the diff needs to escape towards front when it needs maintenance. This also means I probably need slightly adjust it’s middle mount since now it needs to be lifted couple of centimeters before it can escape towards the front, but luckily this is not that hard modification to do.

At least I now believe I know how to continue and to what things I need to worry/consider when putting all the things together.

Here is also a short video around the project: