Welding the middle parts

At Sunday I welded front diff middle mount parts to the axle frame:IMG_20141019_150311_1920x1440
Once again generally a rather simple task, but since this will finally fix the diff to it’s place everything needs to be just right.  After this it is impossible to adjust how the diff aligns without cutting it pieces once again, so all the possible measurements need to be done and parts adjusted based on those over and over again…

And then I reassembled it once again:IMG_20141019_155848_1920x1440Next task is to figure out how to continue this build since there are now many parts that need to fit to this puzzle like tie rod, steering axle, front axle floating mechanism and the “main” frame of the tractor itself. This will take time… But I’d rather take the time for planning if I can avoid building some parts multiple times because one is blocking an another.