Dismantling the rear drive-shafts

Like I earlier planned, today I took the rear drive-shafts to pieces since they need to be washed, re-greased and assembled back together with new boots:

IMG_20140922_204945Only one boot can be reused since that has been changed lately, others need to be replaced with new ones.

I also started to play with the idea about repairing the rear diff LSD (limited slip differential) sooner than I originally planned. My original plan was to use this diff as it is now and repair the LSD some time later, but now I’m not so sure about that… Basically the LSD is viscous coupling unit and the reason why it “breaks” is that the seals of it start to leak. When they leak the silicone oils and diff oils get mixed and after that the LSD is not able to do its job anymore. But let’s see do I repair it now or later… I guess the initial plan was because it takes some time to fix it, but since the tractor will not be ready for this winter, maybe it makes sense to do it now.