Preparing yet another batch of pieces to the front axle

This was my today’s achievement:

20140821_173758And this is how it fits to the lower ball joint:

20140821_124341Seems that I’m not able to finalize the front axle at this week, however I will be working with it up to Sunday since Monday I need to return to work…. After that the pace will be slower but still I will try to get something done every now and then.

Lower ball joint upper mount will be tilted upwards slightly to get more clearance between the parts and will also give more ground clearance as well.

My next task is to make upper & lower ball joint connection tomorrow. That is needed for additional stiffness and load carrying since it will guarantee the load from both ball joints is transferred to the wheel mount. After that I will create a rectangular frame to connect both ball joint upper mounts. That rectangular frame will be bolted to the main frame of the front axle. Maybe I’m over-engineering this, but hopefully it is better that way in this case.