Seems that tomorrow I can go a bit further from the wheel hub area

Todays efforts:

20140820_183451Now I have ready lower ball joint mounts. 🙂

Tomorrow I need to create short rods which will connect to the ball joint upper ends. The rods will be short because they will be welded to a rectangular frame which will be bolted to the front axle main frame. I decided to create that extra frame because that can be then used for camber adjustments by adding spacers between the bolted connections. Somebody might ask why I want to have a camber adjustment possibility at tractor, and for that I don’t have any other answer than I just to want to have that. 😛

Couple of more photos when pieces are at their correct places:

20140820_184305 20140820_184346 20140820_184728Those upper and lower ball joint mounts will be connected together. Lower mount connection I will weld and upper mount connection will be bolted. But before I can make that connection I need to create the short rods for ball joint upper ends so I will know how much clearance I will need.

Somebody might also be able to notice that I have cut the lower ball joint bolt a little bit. There are two reasons for that, first one is that it would not go to it’s place without doing so and the second one is that it was too long anyway and that would have been the lowest fixed structure of this whole tractor. I even drilled a puller mark to the ball joint bolt I cut, even it most probably is never needed to be used.