Gearbox back in one piece


Here is the washed diff just before installing it back to the gearbox. Not looking so pretty, but I think  it should be strong enough. Last layer was welded with mig (with rather moderate power) and all the deeper layers with electrodes:20140810_164556

A couple of photos when I was assembling the gearbox back to one piece: 20140810_165851 I spotted a perfect location for a new oil drain plug since the original is so high at the gearbox that it leaves almost half of the oils still inside. This was a blank 10mm hole, which I drilled through and made 12mm threw to it. 20140810_171727

It aligns perfectly with the bottom level, so maybe it was meant to be a drain plug place which is not used for some weird reason. The bolt and copper seal already in it’s place:20140810_172107

Couple of photos while assembling the fifth gear:20140810_182929 20140810_182940


And finally all bolts bolted back where they came from + all the parts inside the box. I tested all the gears and they seemed to go in and also looked to work as expected when I rotated the input shaft.20140810_183549Gearbox paired back again with the engine:20140810_190456 20140810_190511