Opening Ford IB5 Gearbox

Since the driveshaft outputs from the gearbox will be working as cardan axles instead of being driveshafts I decided that I need to do something to the diff inside IB5 gearbox.  Without doing anything to the diff the 4×4 drive system would be flawed since only the wheel that is rotating most easiest (the wheel on air usually) would get all the power.

So basically without any locks at diffs only one wheel of four would get the power and the tractor would be rather crippled. Now when I weld this “center diff” there will always be two wheels getting the power. One at front and one at rear. So this will be continuous 50% / 50%  4×4 vehicle (front/rear).

And at rear I do have viscous lock inside the diff so basically there will always be 3 wheels getting the power, two at rear and one at front. Only slight issue is that the rear viscous lock is broken since the seal has leaked and the silicone oils and diff oils have mixed. But that I will fix some day later…

But now back to the topic and opening the IB5 gearbox. I found this nice instruction after some Googling:

And I started to follow it and opened the rear section (5th gear housing):


To get that left gear out I needed to build a special puller tool since I did not had one for this purpose. 20140803_111021After I removed the 5th gear gears, selector and the housing it looked like this:

20140803_165419The next task was to remove the actual gearbox casing:

20140803_170727And after I removed input & output shafts, 1-4 gear selector and the diff it looked like this:

20140803_172508Next task is to weld the diff:

20140803_172520But unfortunately I did not had anymore time to continue work today so this will continue later…