Ford IB5 gearbox 5th gear DIY puller

I needed to open IB5 gearbox taken out from Ford Ka. After opening the rear section and removing a couple of parts I noticed that I cannot go any further without a proper puller tool. Unfortunately I did not had one for this need, but fortunately this wasn’t the first time such issue occurs. ūüėČ

So I started to create a puller tool for the fifth gear:

20140803_125511I started with cutting a fork from  stainless steel since it is a little bit stiffer than regular steel. Regular steel would probably have worked as well, so it was a bit overkill to use stainless steel I believe.

Here is a photo of ready product:

20140803_144331Not that pretty since I did not grind any corners or did any finishing to it. Maybe someday later….

But it worked as expected and now I have IB5 fifth gear puller:

20140803_164056If somebody is creating something similar I recommend using M16x1 ¬†thread instead of standard M16x2. I would used that, but I don’t have tooling to create such threw. But even with this coarse threw the tool was able to do its job very nicely.

And just in case you wonder about the standard M threads, here is a rather nice table about those: