Pluggable Sierra driveshaft

Some people say that you cannot dismantle Sierra’s  plug-gable drive shafts, or actually they say that you cannot but it back together. I think they are wrong, even though I have no intention to put those drive shafts back to their original configuration.

But it is rather easy to take off the metallic cover by carefully bending it open piece by piece from the outer edge of the joint:


I might have bend it even a big too much open than needed, but still that would be rather easy to put back together. If I needed to put it back together I would use some good glue instead of trying to press it in a form like it were mounted. I would just clean the grease off from the outer edge surfaces and apply some glue like Sikaflex 521 UV or similar. While the glue dries I would tighten it up with pipe band. But like I said I will not do this since I need to reconfigure this drive shaft for other configuration than it has meant to be.

Like the picture shows I recommend using some tape to keep the bearings in their place. If those go off you quite likely need to spend some not so enjoyable time to find all the needles from the floor that will drop off…

After you have taken the wheel mount off the rest will look like this: