BMW Roof Window Handle Fix

For some reason the sun roof handle had been broken:

20140720_113549I decided to try to make a working handle by my self and this is the end result:

20140720_152224 20140720_152312 20140720_153337

I took 12mm stainless steel rod and drilled about 2cm deep and 7mm wide hole in the middle of that. Next step was to the part with hole out from that rod and make the hole oval shape 7,5mm x 9,0mm. It took some time with the tools I had available (I used mainly electrical handheld drill) to make the hole oval shaped, but the end result was really nice. Then I just welded two small pieces of metal and did some finishing to it, like adding mechanism to lock the lever in its place.

Here is the final installation, not as nice as the original, but looks good enough at least to me and hopefully it is stronger:

20140720_154729 20140720_154711