Getting Ford Ka ready for the first start

Since the Ford Ka I acquired has had a front crash I needed to cut out the whole front body support structure to make enough room for the engine to run.

20140624_212501I also switched a new cooler and added a couple of things that were missing… Like air filter assembly, battery and starter motor. On the top of those one spark plug was completely missing and another was badly broken. Luckily I had agreed with the scrap yard that I can get parts from other Ford Ka’s to get one which is running and somehow drive-able.  So I went to the scrap yard and got the parts I needed.

After installing all the needed I turned the ignition key and it started like nothing was wrong with it. 🙂 Here are two videos of the engine running:

Some cooling water was leaking because of not so good temporary hose joint with the internal heater block valve. That valve is made from plastic and it had broken at crash. I do have already one unbroken one, but did not bother to install that.

I very shortly test driven the car and all the gears were working and engine was running nicely. Even the brakes were working so I consider this to be a really good deal. 🙂

Next time I will start dismantling everything out from the car since I will build a completely new frame for my tractor and the car body will be mostly scrapped.