Fixing Volvo S40 Electric Window Lifter

Today I got a SMS message from my dad where he said that the driver’s window is not willing to go back up… So I needed to open the door panel at the evening and remove the lifting mechanism. And here is the problem:


It turns out that the rubber gear inside the motor’s bevel gear had broken off from it’s vulcanization.

After a some thinking and test cutting I decided that this can be fixed by welding some metal if I’m lucky enough:



That cut you see at the picture was totally unnecessary and I’m not recommending that you do such thing. It was a test which did not worked out. Luckily the welding held and after cutting the excess piece out:


I also decided to put a piece of that rubber gear back and added some grease:


Then I put the motor back together and amazingly enough it worked. I also assembled the window lift mechanism and put it back inside the door and still it worked. 😀

Let’s see how long this works but at least it is now working… Downwards the window goes like earlier, but upwards it is a bit slower. Later I will add some silicone grease to window seal to see does it help.

New lift mechanism would have cost 140€ from Motonet and the delivery time would have been long since they did not had it at stock. If this brokes down yet again then I need to order a new lift mechanism but so far so good. If I need to do this to the other door most probably the end result will be even better (or so I hope).