Integrations Ready

Seems that about all the features are working which I wanted to get to SIPPONEN.COM:

  • Blog with many publishing features
  • Photo gallery
  • Temperature measurements more or less nicely incorporated to WordPress page template. A bit quick & dirty solution, but good enough. 🙂
  • Facebook integration – blog posts will be automatically published to my Facebook wall without any extra steps
  • Social media integration for easy sharing and commenting
  • Rather nice Android application to publish new content

There still are some things I will try to improve at the future, but now I declare this as a “production ready” web site. If I have enough time & motivation I will try to re-post some content currently in Facebook photo galleries to my new blog, but that remains to be seen.

Biggest challenge was to find from a zillions of different plugins the ones that fit to my purposes and also are trustworthy. I also needed to familiarize myself to WordPress, but from installing point of view this has been very easy process. Currently I only have 3 plugins: Akismet, Eazyest Gallery and JetPack.